Reliability, professionalism, experience, tradition and a supremely personal approach to the client

Complex legal services since 1997

We focus on the individual needs of our clients and our priority is to promote their interests. We emphasize mutual trust, professionalism and the highest ethical standard. We care about the highest quality and long-term cooperation. Our many years of experience allow us to provide effective legal services and solutions to our clients' legal problems.


A team of experienced lawyers offers in-depth knowledge of the Czech legal and business environment. We provide legal services in all areas of Czech law in both Czech and English languages. We constantly cooperate with certified tax advisors, notary offices and executors, thus ensuring clients' full comfort and complexity of advisory services.


The law firm's clientele consists of international corporations, foreign and domestic business entities, individuals and public institutions. We approach each client and the solution of his affairs individually, we endeavour to find out client's situation and goals and then propose the most effective and most suitable solution. Representation and promotion of the client's interests, mutual trust, confidentiality, correctness and professionalism are a matter of course.