In order to maintain legal confidentiality, we present selected references of legal services in anonymized form:

■ development of a network of fuel filling stations of a global oil company

■ sale of a network of fuel filling stations to a global oil company

■ development and sale of a number of commercial and residential projects in Prague

■ legal services as part of the sale of a major Czech manufacturer of rolling stock

■ legal services within the framework of the public tender for the granting of telecommunications licenses

■ acquisition of a subsidiary of the largest internet provider in the USA

■ legal counsel in a class action racketeering and a collective labor dispute in the USA

■ acquisition of a subsidiary of a global logistics company

■ participation in the EU Phare Project Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights within the European Law & Policy Advisory Group (Berlin).

■ legal services for the interested party in the privatization of České radiokomunikací a.s.

■ legal services in the framework of the organization of annual music awards in the Czech Republic

adjudication of hundreds of international and domestic arbitration disputes in the amounts of hundreds of millions of CZK